Your Safety is our Top Priority:  March 23rd 2020

Covid-19 Update

In light of this weekend's official communication from Mayor Lucas regarding the stay-at-home order taking effect on Tuesday, March 24, we want to reassure you that John A. Krugh Realty LLC, as
"essential businesses" under the order, is remotely open through phone/emails and here to serve you!

In cooperation with the guidance of municipalities and the federal government to protect the
population by encouraging “no-contact services”, our office is open by appointment only until further notice. However, you can still send in maintenance issues through our website, direct email, or call cell phones/office as needed. During this time we will be addressing Emergency Only maintenance items to minimize human to human contact (see attached Emergency Maintenance list). The best way to turn in Rent payments the next couple months will be by Mail to our office, please call/email if other arrangements need to be made. We're still waiting on finalization from but we'll update our website once it's available.

The stay-at-home order and no-contact services help ensure the safety of our residents, associates and community. If you need to meet with us for any reason, please give us a call. We are happy to help you by phone to avoid unnecessary contact, but of course can meet in person if necessary.

We appreciate your understanding and assistance as together, we seek best practices in caring for each other, for our city and our country. We are committed to responsive and seamless service to you.

This great community has faced challenges in the past and we are confident that, together, Kansas Citians will unite to emerge stronger than ever before.


Thank you in advance, stay safe and healthy.

John A. Krugh Realty LLC

Maintenance Emergencies

To better serve you, we have compiled the following list of maintenance emergencies for you to reference, should you encounter one of these problems outside of normal office hours. Please take a look at the following information and feel free to contact the office with any questions or concerns.

  • Fire

  • Flood ( any water problem that causes severe property damage)

  • No Water

  • Resident locked out of apartment ($40.00 fee)

  • Overflowing toilet

  • Stopped up toilet ( if only 1 toilet in apartment)

  • Electrical or gas failure of any nature

  • Malfunction of an essential appliance

  • Police Action (if emergency- not noise disturbances)

Furnace and Air Conditioner Calls

  • No heat calls are considered an emergency if the outside temperature is 55 degrees or lower.

  • No A/C calls are considered an emergency if the outside temperature is 80 degrees or higher.

  • For the safety of our maintenance employees, a no A/C call will not be repaired after dark or past 9:00pm (regardless of outside temperature). They will also not be able to repair the outside unit if it is raining. Your unit will be repaired the next day weather permitting.

Please understand that this is a strictly enforced policy set in place for the safety of you and our maintenance employees during the city wide lock down.