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John A. Krugh Realty LLC. has been a family owned and operated business in the Kansas City area since 1923.  If you are in need of residential / commercial real estate, property management, leasing or a place to live give us a call. The managers Eric Krugh Sr., Eric Krugh Jr. & Joe Krugh will be able to analyze your properties, phsycially inspect them and give you a professional opinion of how we can help. Please contact or email our office for additional information, we look forward to hearing from you!

Property Management
Eric Krugh Sr.
Eric Krugh II

Eric Krugh Sr., Eric Krugh Jr. & Joe Krugh have been providing quality real estate services in the Kansas City Metro area for over 50 years!  We serve our clients on the Plaza, Westport, Midtown, Westwood, Brookside, Waldo, Prairie Village, Leawood, Overland Park, Mission Hills & more with the expert care they deserve.  Our dedicated team of professionals can help you meet all of your real estate needs, goals and inquiries.  Centrally located on Westport Road in Kansas City, we are proud to provide these services for friends, neighbors and newcomers to the city.

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